• Founder of the Youth & Family Center
  • Santa Monica School Board Member for 18 years
  • Delivered Living Wages for School District Employees
  • Delivered Good Local Construction jobs for Santa Monica Residents


  • Advocate for District Elections for Equal Representation
  • Ensure Accountability with in SMPD & City Staff
  • Support Fiscal Audits and Resident Oversight of the Budget
  • End the Cycle of Council members Appointing their Successors


  • Protect Rent Control and Expand Affordable housing
  • Community Benefits, Local Jobs and Community Gardens
  • Invest in Sustainable Policies
  • Protect Neighborhoods and Small Businesses


  • Include People of Color in Police Reform
  • Police Cameras for all Officers
  • Create Safe & Secure Parks and Public Spaces
  • Enforce our Laws with Compassionate Accountability and prioritize education


Current City Council: Fails to Enforce Our Laws Leading to Unsafe Conditions in our City!

  • Failure to hold Chief of Police accountable for lack of leadership and planning costing businesses millions.  
  • Failure to hold City staff accountable for the Police Activities League (PAL) child sexual abuse scandal that cost taxpayers over $42 million.

Oscar will: Develop a “compassionate accountability” approach to securing our public space while providing support for those in need.

  • Immediately form a Public Safety Task Force bringing together resident and law enforcement leaders to develop a new public safety plan that meets our City’s needs in each neighborhood.
  • Ensure transparency and accountability in policing by mandating video recordings of police interactions and data sharing on arrests and citations disaggregated by race and ethnicity. 


Current City Council: Promotes Irresponsible Development & Gentrification!

  • Rapid development and the philosophy of “profit over people” continues to bring rapid gentrification that is displacing residents and small businesses.  
  • Long term renters are threatened by irresponsible development, traffic, increase in air and noise pollution and a relentless housing market that continues to generate significant rent increases and high priced housing units that very few residents can afford. 
  • One clear example is the destruction of Village Trailer Park. The City Council favored the developer instead of defending the residents and we lost more than 100 rent controlled units. It impacted our most vulnerable in our City, the poor and the elderly, and the City did not protect these long term residents but they spent millions to protect their power and privilege when we filed a voting rights lawsuit to attain fair representation in our City Council.

Oscar will: Protect Renters & Small Businesses from Displacement

Our zoning rules must protect the character of our neighborhoods along with it’s residents and small businesses. I commit to creating a city that values the character of each neighborhood and that puts people’s quality of life over developer profit. This will be done by working with each neighborhood association to engage residents/small business owners in a genuine community input process that empowers them to determine how their neighborhood and City should grow. 

Protecting Renters

  • Give preference to Santa Monica residents seeking affordable housing and ensure development agreements include prioritizing housing units for residents.
  • Increase the affordable housing stock for residents earning less than 30% of the LA County area median income. 
  • Redefine workforce housing to also include low wage service workers and prioritize affordable housing options for extremely low, very low and low- income families/renters. Extremely low-income and very low-income households cannot afford to rent a market rate apartment of any size in Santa Monica. 

Protecting Local Businesses

  • Ensure merchant association fees are utilized to promote and strengthen local businesses. Provide resident discounts and certificates to expand our local customer base.
  • Provide rent relief post COVID to give local businesses an opportunity to “catch up” on accumulated rents. 
  • Provide continued use of outdoor dining in public space for local businesses, especially businesses that are at risk of closing because they do not have access to outdoor space.  


Our Current City Council: Has Attracted More Problems than Solutions in our Homelessness Crisis!

Oscar will: Work with our regional partners to leverage resources and funding to ensure our City is not over burdened with social services that attracts more of the problem.

  • Advocate for a regional effort to increase in temporary housing shelters and motel vouchers paid for by regional municipal, county and state partners so that other cities support their fair share of the crisis. 
  • Advocate for more Federal and State support for mental health services and develop a plan to charge “sending cities” a fee for services.


Our Current City Council: Manipulates “affordable housing” to Push Moderate and Market Rate Housing so Developers Get Rich and Residents Get Priced Out of Santa Monica!

Oscar will: Fight for low income renters and workers to ensure we expand our housing stock to ensure we sustain the economic and ethnic diversity of Santa Monica. 

  • Density bonuses are tied to TODs and we must stay vigilant to ensure that City officials take action to prioritize increasing the housing stock for extremely low and very low income residents. 
  • Between 2013 and 2014, rent control unit withdrawal notices rose nearly 75% and between 2014 and 2015 the number of units affected increased nearly two-fold from 85 units to 153 units. 
  • Currently Workforce housing is defined by the City of Santa Monica to be at 120-180 percent of HIJD median income. This definition is problematic in that it creates a competitive dynamic with the production of affordable housing for extremely low, very low-income households. 


Current City Council: Fails to support small businesses and does not create policies and initiatives that guarantee local hiring and job training and job placement for our residents!

Oscar will: Work with business leaders and local colleges and universities to create career pathways for Santa Monica residents to good quality jobs, training and economic opportunity that will help protect them from being priced out and pushed out of Santa Monica. 

  • Implement a citywide policy that mandates any development that is approved must provide access to quality living wage jobs for local residents with a focus on targeting residents in high poverty census tracts in SM.
  • Protect locally owned small businesses by assessing their needs and providing designated staff to develop a comprehensive plan to support and sustain these businesses. 
  • Create opportunities and subsidized commercial space for neighborhood serving entrepreneurs with a “Makers Market” concept.